Audit Report

Michael Verdi

Let's make a better FM

If you want them to RTFM, make a better FM

SUMO is pretty awesome already. I was tasked with taking a fresh look at how it could be made better. This is reason #1 why I'm loving my new job.

I've always loved this quote

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
- Albert Einstein

Where I'm coming from


This is what I did


This is what I did

Here are the big things I found

Article Tone ≠ Rainbow Dolphins

Rainbow Dolphins on the home page

Firefox is made just the way you like it... by RAINBOW DOLPHINS!

Article Tone ≠ Rainbow Dolphins

The Rainbow Dolphins did not write this:

Safe Mode is a special Firefox execution mode that can be used to troubleshoot issues in Firefox. In Safe Mode, you can reset some settings or disable add-ons that might be the source of the issue. By comparing Firefox behavior in normal mode to its behavior in Safe Mode with various items disabled, you may be able to diagnose issues.

Using SUMO requires too much thinking

Which one these doesn't belong?


Using SUMO requires too much thinking

This one!


That middle search box only searches the help forum. The other search boxes search both the help forum and the knowledge base.

Using SUMO requires too much thinking

Where am I?


Using SUMO requires too much thinking

Are all results equal?

Search Results

Using SUMO requires too much thinking

One size fits all?


All of our articles use the same template so this one is basically a giant table of contents (fun!).

Using SUMO requires too much thinking

Other possibilities

This is ugly but interesting.

We're missing teachable moments

"A developmental task is a task which is learned at a specific point and which makes achievement of succeeding tasks possible. When the timing is right, the ability to learn a particular task will be possible. This is referred to as a 'teachable moment.' It is important to keep in mind that unless the time is right, learning will not occur. Hence, it is important to repeat important points whenever possible so that when a student's teachable moment occurs, s/he can benefit from the knowledge."

We're missing teachable moments


You have to look pretty hard to find them.

We're missing teachable moments

Wonder Twins Activate!

What if we combined the power of these videos and put them everywhere?

  • Safari Video
    • This is a nice video but it's REALLY boring.
  • Firefox 3.6 Video
    • Here's a fun and engaging Firefox video that highlights features but doesn't go into enough detail.

The contributor experience could use a lot of improvement


Being able to find the contributor community would also be an improvement.

The contributor experience could use a lot of improvement

So what do we do now?

First focus on writing and videos

Then what do we do?

Flesh out ideas for the KB PRD

We're currently working on a PRD and documenting it on the wiki.